About me

About me

Telling about myself is not always easy-especially when I have to summarize my ‘passion‘ in a few lines... without running the risk of either boring or self-referential, something that was completely alien to my style.

The “spark” is turned on in the mid ’90s. It was about the beginning of the Internet, and I immediately realized the huge potential. I began to read, study, attend courses and discover a whole new world for me, fascinating...
My approach, first, experimental, found its natural outlet in the world of the school where I worked. It was there that I had the opportunity to inaugurate the computer for educational purposes, the experience of creating web pages through projects hypertext in the context of education, to conduct training courses for the teachers, and finally, to create the first web sites with my students. 

One of these led us to win in 2012, the Global Junior Challenge an international competition that rewards innovative projects.

In the meantime, I used to share teaching with the study and discovery of new technologies and in those years I turned to the world of CMS. After having tried many, I had the opportunity to witness the birth of a CMS is particularly innovative that saw the light of day in the early months of 2006: e107 Website System, an Open Source platform, full of functionality.

I enthusiastically welcomed the challenge of participating in the creation of The Italian Community development that, in a short time, welcomed over a thousand new users.

Thanks to that experience, I had the opportunity to work closely with the Development Team international, collaborating on the installation Package, catering to the official translations on the occasion of the upgrade and implementation of scripts and plugins.
Decades of experience that enriched me both from the point of view of the personal and professional, allowing me to interact with many users, follow the first steps, support the resolution of problems, and to broaden my knowledge and to support the creation of a multitude of sites, high-performance.

In the meantime, the legislation on the accessibility of web sites (the so-called Stanca Law) imposed on Public Authorities, including schools, to adapt their websites to facilitate disabled access to computers," and, subsequently, the DL 14/03/2013 n. 33, determined the obligations of administrative transparency.
Therefore, having set the goal to provide a Platform fully meeting the Accessibility standards provided for by the Italian law, I undertook a process of changes and adjustments to the ‘source‘ of the CMS. Commitment certainly rather heavy, but not without satisfaction, given the number of Schools and Institutions who expressed interest in them, and with whom I have collaborated for several years, putting at their disposal packages, plugins or template specific, or in some cases, contributing personally to the development of their sites.

In that period, I also worked with PorteAperteSulWeb – a CMS for school sharing site model school “in accordance with” , created by myself (2013).

But then I had the opportunity to use the skills acquired in the service of solidarity and volunteering. In particular, in the last 10 years, I have dedicated my efforts to the creation of many sites in favor of the Kiwanis, a worldwide organization of volunteers, dedicated to the child care and are honored to be a part of it. In this part, I take care sector Web Communication and, in particular, have the task of managing the institutional site of the national District that provides frequent updates, deployments, and restyling the annual.

The world of the Web is always evolving... and the challenge in recent years has gone hand in hand with the development and to the gradual diffusion of new technologies. It is now a well-known fact that a growing number of accesses to the web is via mobile devices (smartphone, iPad, Tablet, etc). This has resulted in a rapid shift of perspective in Web Design, resulting in a transition from a style classic or purely “fluid” (“adaptive“) to the “responsive design” - contemporary.
I have had the opportunity, therefore, to deepen the knowledge of new applications and techniques (Bootstrap, JS libraries, responsive CSS), and to experience CMS platforms alternativeWordPress, eCommerce) with which I am gradually by measuring these last few years and that led me to favor the development of sites with an interface that is responsive, much more pleasant, functional, and efficient.


My profile

Are you a Web Agency. I define myself as a Freelance for passion, work from remote and smart working, availing myself of a network of consultants on the basis of need.
Manage and administer various sites and portals, I perform maintenances, updates and backups.
I realize websites business, professional, commercial, network information, associations, not-for-profit & charity oriented.
I take care of the project right from the preliminary phases: identifying the need, objectives and targets. Concept, concept, choice hosting, implementation, testing, commissioning of the production. Process optimization indexing, search engine visibility, SEO positioning.
Release “keys in hand,” and, on request, mentoring, coordination, group working, and technical assistance.
My primary goal is customer satisfaction

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