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It is the ideal solution for those who start a business online.
The website is composed mainly of static pages with the ability to add dynamic forms for inserting, news, appointments, contact forms, etc...

What features should a company website have

Beyond the purpose for which it is realized, we can identify some characteristics that are (or should be) common to all sites of the company.

Let's look at some.

  • Attractive and appealing. You can also treat you to a website that is simple and essential, but it must have a professional appearance, and must in some way to get the attention of the user.
  • Clear and effective way. La struttura del sito deve essere ben organizzata e i suoi contenuti pensati in modo da guidare il visitatore a compiere un’azione predefinita o a soddisfare un’esigenza (ad esempio compilare un modulo, reperire informazioni, effettuare una chiamata, concludere un acquisto, ecc.).
  • Consistent with the brand. Website and brand are one and the same in the strategy, both online and offline, so the website must communicate with the same methods used on the other channels; in addition, must be able to stand out from the competition.

In addition to meeting these requirements, the company website must be thought of ad hoc on the basis of its primary objectives. For example, if the goal was to expand our clientele, it may be useful to predict the creation of optimized content for SEO or the promotion of your site through online marketing campaigns, or other tools of digital marketing.

Which sections to foresee

Clearly there is a rule or a default number of pages or sections that the site should contemplate. Depending on the type of business, history, size, and any products or services offered, you will have more or less of things to say.

In other words, more than one to predict, it is easier to say what should not missin addition to the Homepage:

  • Who we are / who I am. A page not to be underestimated, held in great esteem by both user and, rightly, want to learn more on professional or on the people who form the company, both from search engines.
  • Products or services offered. Would it really makes little sense to leave it wrapped in the mystery of the services or products offered by the company.
  • Contact. He would have even less sense not to foresee at least one mode of contact.
  • About us / testimonials. In an online world now governed by the reviews, it may be a good idea to make a section on positive experiences of current or former customers. Even better if integrated from real sources and reliable (e.g. Google Reviews).

Applications: business sites, shops, travel agencies, hotels/hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs, promotion of events...


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